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Version in progress: 5.0
Last Updated  
| June 26th, 2018
5.0 eXo Chat Standalone mode

Discover in this section how to install eXo Chat in the standalone mode.

5.0 CDI 1.2 Note for JBoss Deployment

eXo Platform 5.0 uses CDI 1.2, please check a note about Jboss deployement.

5.0 New Skin creation

A tutorial to develop a custom new skin.

5.0 Customize skin

How to customize an existing skin .

5.0 eXo Platform look and feel elements

Discover skin elements allowing you to create or customize a skin.

5.0 eXo Chat configuration

eXo Chat configuration parameter.

5.0 eXo Chat database configuration

How to configure eXo Chat database for both modes: Standalone and Embedded.

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