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Version in progress: 5.0
Last Updated  
| April 3rd, 2018
5.0 Making video calls

Discover how to use the new functionnality in eXo Platform of making and receiving video calls.

5.0 Quartz configuration in eXo Platform 5.0

How to configure Quartz scheduler properties in eXo Platform 5.0.

5.0 Changed templates in eXo Platform 5.0

The complete list of changed templates in eXo Platform 5.0.

5.0 Update installation guide of eXo platform 5.0 for Jboss EAP 7.0

Installation guide of eXo Platform 5.0 in JBoss EAP 7.0.

5.0 Web Conferencing installation

How to install/unistall Web Conferencing add-on.

5.0 Administrating Web Conferencing

How to manage the Web Conferencing add-on via an interface.

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