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Version in progress: 5.0
Last Updated  
| December 6th, 2017
5.0 Remove native installer section

The native installer is no more available, enjoy using eXo Platform in docker containers.

5.0 Reply to comment

It is possible to reply to comments with eXo Platform. Discover the user guide here.

5.0 Elasticsearch upgrade to 5.6 version

eXo Platform is now using a newer Elasticsearch version, the 5.6, discover the related updates here.

5.0 TopBar and Left Navigation improvement (The hamburger menu)

The left navigation is now presented as hamburger menu, discover the user guide here.

5.0 Multiupload breadcrumb

You already discovered the new functionality of multiple share in activity stream. It has been updated with the addition of a breadcrumb in the file's preview. Check the user guide here.

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