What's new in eXo Platform 5.0?

Many great enhancements come up in eXo Platform 5.0. Thanks to eXo teams and Community members who participated by contributing ideas, discussing and voting for the new features.

Enterprise skin

A new skin is introduced in the 5.0 version, the Enterprise skin. The new skin is a full redesign more modern, enhances usability, reduces eye fatigue and highlights user content for a more engaging user experience.

Revamped navigation experience
Left navigation menu

The left navigation was revamped into a collapsible panel to make the best use of any screen size.

Space navigation

The space navigation has been improved by adding a customizable banner to easily recognize in which space you are.

Space avatar, call and chat buttons were moved into the navigation bar.

Space navigation now floats on top and shrinks down to facilitate navigating between apps and to preserve screen space and switch easily between apps. The banner is also available for users profiles.

Share multiple documents in activity stream

You can now attach multiple documents to a post in the activity stream. You can drag and drop them or select them from your computer or even from your eXo drives. An elegant mosaic of preview thumbnails is displayed in the activity stream and the full page viewer now lets you navigate between the attached documents.

Likes on comments

In addition to activities, it is now possible to like an individual comment.

Replying to comments

In addition to liking the comments, you can also reply to them.

Inserting image in posts and comments

You can now enhance your posts with images coming from your computer or your eXo drives and have more control on their size and alignment.

Web conferencing

You can now make video calls directly from the user interface via Call buttons. No browser plugin is required thanks to WebRTC. Call buttons can be extended by external third party services connectors (e.g Skype, etc.) if needed.

eXo Engagement analytics by Lecko

Measure user engagement and communities' collaboration maturity thanks to this integration with Lecko Analytics.

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