2.1.2. Edit your profile

To build a profile as expected, click to jump to the Edit Profile page:


In the Contact Information and Experience sections, click corresponding to one field which you want to add more or click to delete your input information. After making changes, click Save or Cancel to respectively save or ignore them.

The followings are changeable information in each section.

Profile banner

When accessing to your profile, a banner is displayed in the top of the page. By default it is grey. You can change it and select a profile image.

To change the profile banner:

  1. Mouse over the top right of the grey banner, an icon will appear and a tooltip indicating that the banner should have 130 pixels height.

  2. Click on the icon , a drive from your hard disk will open.

  3. Select the desired profile banner image and double click on it.

  4. The profile banner image will be automatically loaded.

To reset the profile banner, you just need to hover the right corner again and this time, you will have two butons:

When scrolling down on your profile page and if you exceed the cover section limit, the profile banner will be replaced by a new navigation bar:

This new navigation bar contains:

In mobile devices, when scrolling down your profile page, the applications navigation bar is scrollable left and right.

About Me

A brief introduction of yourself with 1500 characters in maximum, telling people who you are and what you do. If this section is empty, it will not be displayed on your profile page.

Contact Information

First Name The first name that should be from 1 to 45 characters, and contains letters and space only.
Last Name The last name that should be from 1 to 45 characters, and contains letter and space only.
Email The email address that should be in a valid format, for example, johnsmith@exoplatform.com (see more details about the Email Address format here.)


You can also change the above information in the Account Profiles tab by clicking your display name, then select Settings from the drop-down menu. These changes will be automatically synchronized with details in the Contact information of your profile and vice versa.

Avatar The representative picture of user. If it is not defined, the default avatar is used.
Job Title The job position. Note that the information entered in the field will be retrieved when you search for contacts.
Gender The gender of user. Select your gender from the select box, either male or female.
Phone The phone numbers at work, home or at other sites which must be from 3 to 20 numeric characters.
IM The nickname of either IM services that must be between 3 to 60 characters.
URL The website address which must be in the correct format, for example, http://exoplatform.com/.

To change your avatar:

The first way:

  1. Click on button then on Change Avatar from the section Contact Information to open the Upload an Avatar form.

  2. Click Select File to pick up an image from your local device.

  3. Select your desired image, then click Open, or double-click the image to upload.


    The uploaded image must be smaller than 2 MB.

  4. Click Confirm to open the Avatar Preview form to see some related information, such as file name, file type, and image size.

  5. Click Save to accept your changes.

The second way:

  1. Mouse over your profile avatar, an icon will appear.

  2. Click on the icon . This will prompt you to pick a file from your computer.

  3. Double click on the desired image.

  4. The profile icon will be automatically changed.


This second way is only available in web version. On mobile devices, you should follow the first way to update/edit your profile avatar.


Your image will be automatically resized to a specified value to correspond to the image allowed size.


Organization Where you have worked.
Job Title The job position.
Job Details Brief description of your job.
Skills Used Skills for your job.
Start Date The start date of your work.
End Date The end date of your work.
Still in this position Indicates that you are currently at the described position.


The information entered in the Skill Used field will be retrieved when you search for contacts.

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