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About eXo Platform 4.0 Documentation

Platform User Guide describes basic knowledge and step-by-step instructions that allows you to experience different applications included in eXo Platform through some interesting topics

Administrator Guide describes how to do administrative tasks when implementing eXo Platform 4.0, especially for developers and system administrators. This document will guide you how to do the most important tasks for eXo Platform administration and management through some main topics

Developer Guide explains all the basic and advanced features of eXo Platform by providing a series of in-depth examples and clear explanations which help you easily benefit from the eXo Platform capabilities and features.

IDE User Guide aims at providing explanations and step-by-step instructions of functions in eXo IDE.

eXo Platform provides a series of reference guides that allows you to thoroughly understand separate products of eXo Platform, including:


eXo Foundations


eXo Platform References


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Other Resources

Ask questions and interact with eXo developers and community members thanks to our Forum.

A Forge platform is available to check out the tools we use to build and test eXo software (Jira, Subversion, Fisheye, Jenkins, Sonar).

You want to learn more about eXo Platform? The Resource Center gives you the opportunity to view tutorials, video demos, webinars, and more.