Using the Perk Store

The Perk Store is a digital store available in the platform where users can purchase perks (or whatever goods your organization wants to offer to its users) with their earned funds. It’s a full-featured marketplace where users can buy (and even sell) products with the tokens stored in their wallet as the digital currency.

How to access to Perk Store

You can access to Perk Store from the main navigation. By clicking on the shopping cart icon, you will see all the products available for you in the store. You can see your wallet balance in the toolbar as well as a search bar and a filter button to help you find a specific product.


You can filter products by: - Disabled products : some products may be temporarily disabled by their seller - Sold out products : products that are no longer in store - Created by me : the products you offered for sale yourself

You can see more details about a product by clicking on its title. You can buy the product from this screen as well as the Perk Store screen.


How to buy a product and display your orders

To purchase a product, click on the Buy button button image2 then specify the number of the items to purchase. Your password may be required unless you checked the “Remember my password” option in your wallet’s preferences.


After buying the product, a notification will tell you when your order is totally or partially delivered.


In the Perk Store screen a new mention “1 pending” is available for you in the purchased product’s card


You can see your order details for this product by clicking on this button.


To see all orders you can click on “My orders” button from the toolbar of the Perk Store.



How to create a product

If you are allowed to create products , you will see the “Plus” card as the first card displayed in the interface.


By clicking on it, the Product creation form is displayed.


Mandatory fields which are: - The name of the product, - The sell price: The product’s price in token currency value - The merchant wallet: The user’s or space’s wallet that will receive the funds when the product is purchased, and - The product editor: This field is automatically pre-loaded with your user account but you can change it if you want another user to have the possibility to update the product.

You can also optionnaly upload images, add a description of the product and select authorized buyers (users or spaces members). You may also specify a stock limit and to restrict the number of purchased items by user and per periodicity.



Once your product is sold, you will recieve a notification.


You can inspect your clients orders by clicking on the notification or by clicking on the following icon image14 from the Perk Store interface. The order is displayed and contains information about the sold article(s) as well as a delivery and a refund buttons.