What’s new in eXo Platform 5.3?

New features in eXo Platform 5.3?

Many great enhancements come up in eXo Platform 5.3. Thanks to eXo teams and community members who participated by contributing ideas, discussing and voting for the new features.

Functional features


Enhance your collaborators’ engagement and motivate them to adopt a positive behavior with our gamification add-on.




Discover our rewarding system allowing to recognize employees engagement through digital wallet, kudos and perk store.




OnlyOffice Connector

eXo partenered with OnlyOffice editors to allow users the co-editing of MS Office documents.


Company branding

Brand your eXo Platform server by setting your company logo easily.


Space templates

With space templates feature, create a space with the template which the most matches your needs


Space widgets

New widgets are available on spaces’ homepages to display descriptions, managers and events.


Other user experience improvements

Home button in Desktop Chat application

A new home button was added to the chat application on Desktop to easily go back the platform’s homepage.


Confirm before refreshing a page

A confirmation popup appears when refreshing a page where you already typed some data.


Open space applications by right-click

It is now possible to open space applications in an another tab with a right-click.

Chat contacts filtering does not consider accents

Chat contact filtering is not sensitive to accents anymore.


Login History can now be disabled by configuration

With the new property exo.audit.login.enabled, it is possible to enable or disable the login history.

Remove uploaded files from chat

Files uploaded in chat rooms can now be deleted as any other message.

Technical novelties in eXo Platform 5.3

As usual, eXo Platform continues to devote efforts to enhance security and performance. In fact, in eXo Platform 5.3, new parameters has been introduced to configure max concurrent requests to the ElasticSearch server.

We also upgraded UI layer with latest versions of Vue.js and Vuetify frameworks. We invite you to read the whole tutorial to develop portlets in eXo with Vuetify and Vue.js in this tutorial.

In version 5.3, eXo Platform decided to remove Shindig, the component used to support Gadgets. In fact Shindig is no more maintained and this leads to many issues such as:

  • The dependance to specific versions of some important libraries namely Guava and which is hard to upgrade
  • Hardness with the platform server installation as it needs specific actions to make gadgets working

In addition to all the above issues, maintaining and fixing issues related to gadgets and Shindig took too much time to resolve however it is no more used.